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We created GRIM REAPER LURES, INC. in order to meet our own exacting standards in pike and musky lures. Because we are serious anglers for these toothy predators ourselves, we know what it takes to attract, hook and land them consistently. When any cast you make might produce the fish of a lifetime, you can't gamble on tackle that is anything less than the best. That's what you're getting with every Grim Reaper you purchase.

In 1985, GRIM REAPER LURES went on the market. We started with one store in Boulder Junction, Wisconsin. We are now in our 31st year in business and we are proud to say that each year has been better than the preceding one. Certainly there are numerous factors that have helped us to prosper, but the #1 factor would have to be quality. We believe we manufacture the highest quality Musky & Pike Baits available and judging from the correspondence we receive, a large number of Musky & Pike Anglers agree with us.

GRIM REAPER BUCKTAILS are built on nickel plated stainless steel wire with the finest bucktail we can obtain. Our baits are correctly weighted for their size with nickel plated solid brass beads. The blades on our bucktails are tested and selected to ensure they spin easily and quickly. The thread on the outer wrap of our bucktails is first coated with head cement and then a coat of two part epoxy and finally a coat of paint. This allows our baits to withstand the punishment of many encounters with trophy musky and pike.

GRIM REAPER LURES has some of the most proficient musky and pike anglers we know testing our baits throughout the season. It is the ideas, advice, and criticism of these anglers that enables GRIM REAPER LURES to offer baits that work correctly, produce fish and withstand punishment.

The folks at GRIM REAPER are constantly striving to maintain our quality and to improve our customer service. Customer Satisfaction is, of course, 100% Guaranteed.

If you have any comments or questions, please contact:

Doug & Bonnie Grisso
Grim Reaper Lures, Inc.
100 Cumberland Court
Morehead, KY 40351
Phone/Fax 606-780-9239

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