Discounted Perch Model #1000 In-Line Magnum Muskie Bucktail

Grim Reaper

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Model #1000 Magnum Musky 100% NATURAL Bucktail 


This model 1000 Perch bucktail is discounted simply because it is not a "uniform" bucktail, it is a perfectly fine bucktail with no real issues it just does not meet our standards to be sold at full price. This could be due to any of these reasons; wrong grub size, missing a bead, blade is scratched, etc. This specific bucktail is marked down because it does not have a second treble hook like our classic 1000 model does. This is a great way to get an awesome bucktail for a great price!

  • 10-inch, 2 1/4 oz.
  • # 7 Willow Blade
  • All Natural Bucktail Hair
  • One 4/0 Treble Hooks