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Bucktails for casting, trolling and top water fishing.

Although bucktails are not thought of as a go-to lure when it comes to trolling, Grim Reaper Bucktails have redefined trolling lures. This is one lure you don’t want to leave out of your trolling arsenal. Grim Reaper Bucktails are not limited to just trolling, though. They are extremely versatile with similar retrieval methods as the spinnerbaits. Top Water Buzz Baits, like all Grim Reaper lures, can also be retrieved with varying speeds to provide different presentations. Get ready to watch the water erupt and explode as the fish crush your lure. Don’t forget to finish every cast with a Figure 8 for those monsters that are ready to crush your lure at boat side!

Please Note: Bucktails may have up to a two week lead time.