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Hey guys! I am Dalton Conley and I have been musky fishing on the French Broad River in Western North Carolina since  since I was 5 years old. Thanks to Grim Realer Lures I was able to land my personal best 49 inch musky on the 1.0 oz double willow walleye colored spinner bait! The bait is destroyed but will be ordering from you guys soon in the near future. Thanks for crafting an absolute awesome musky slaying product! 



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We can’t say enough about Grim Reaper lures. They have always been one of our favorite go to lures and so far this year they have been
on fire for us! We have boated quit a few muskies this spring/early summer on Grim Reapers  in-line buck tail they have been killing it for
us this year.  Jeff Prostek even got his personal best 50 inches. Such an awesome experience to see a fish that size just absolutely crush
the Grim Reaper buck tail. 

Mr. Jordan Keister 
Mr. Jeff Prostek 
Gills N Bills Outdoors 




I would like to get three, one-ounce Double Willow Spinner baits. One in color #02, one in color #10, and one in color #20. I would also
like three extra all white grubs. Let me know when you have a chance as well as the price. I am 69 years old and have been fishing for
pike since I was 8. Unfortunately the largest pike I ever caught was 38". Last year in Canada I was using some lures the guide had that
was not producing much. I had one of your Grim Reaper all white spinner baits that I had bought somewhere and decided to try it. On
the very first cast I caught a 42"- 22 pound pike. The lure got damaged in the battle, so I am looking to get some new ones. Mike C."

Mr. Mike Corteen
42 Inch, 22 Pound Pike
Lure: Hot One 1 Ounce Double Willow



"Thanks, Kevin. This fish came on a bait you made up for me this spring. It’s great to just call and make up the bait combination I need.
Thanks again, Don."

Mr. Don Freza
6 Pound Large Mouth Bass
Lure: Hot One 1.0 Ounce Tandem Special


"I ordered some lures from Grim Reaper Lures on Wednesday and today is Friday and I just received my lures today. Great service, and
the lures all were perfect, just how I wanted them. Thanks Kevin for my order. Highly recommended service." 

Mr. Lou Friedman


Hi Kevin - Update on Muskie Fishing on our neck of the woods... yesterday was a “fishing day” not a “catching day”. Started out with my brother [Larry]  getting a solid hit with a nice boil but no hookup Grim Reaper 1/2 oz willow blades. Bit later I was using the white 1/2 oz. with white blades that I bought from you at the Columbus musky show. Never saw this before / had a big musky porpoise out of the water just pushing the bait and flipping it into the air. Fish was between 45”to 50”. About an hour later I had on a 1 oz slow roll walleye pattern that was crushed by an approx. 45” musky that came out of a blowdown on a main lake point. Fish ran about 20 yards to the right - got it turned and it ran right past the boat in plain sight to about 10 yards to the left then changed direction and went back towards the tree and jumped - cleared the water. The drag was tight and it pulled a lot of line. Well the jump ended the fight and the GR bait came flying back in our direction. Not even in Wisconsin have we had three fish of that size show interest in our offerings in one day. However, the last fish must have had teeth wrapped around the #8 Colorado blade and took it
as a souvenir. Is there a possibility that I could get a replacement from you. Your original equipment blades have better flash than any after market blades that I have seen. Fish also took half of the swivel. If I could buy it from you it would be great. I will also be buying a couple other spinner baits and boat decals too. My brother will be contacting you soon about the wood baits that he could send to you for your retro bait project. I like what you have done to the web site. Lots of work there.
Good fishing - Mr. Rick O.

The first fish of the day was my personal best.  It was my second cast of the day up in the timber line and I thought I was caught up in weeds. I pulled in what I thought was a clump of weeds. I then looked down at her and we locked eyes, it was game on from there.  I only had her in the bottom lip with the stinger hook. I gave my  8 year old daughter 3 tries to net her then I had to kindly take over.  She was 46.5" caught on a Boss Cat #52.
The next one came on the same lure 31" Just down the timber line about 30 minutes later. Jax got to net that one.  
The third one was 29" and was caught on the same Boss Cat #52. Love that lure.  Jax netted that one as well.
Thank you Grim Reaper for all your well made products.  I am very happy and excited to start fishing with welded rings.
Thanks for listening to your customers.  I spread the word like wild fire.
Mr. Jay C.
46.5" Muskie, Washington State
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Hello again Kevin!  Good things come to those that use a Grim Reaper spinnerbaits.  Today was better than last trip.  Instead of losing three nice fish like last time we got three in the boat.  All were caught on one ounce spinnerbaits - my brother got his 38” on a double willow and I got my 37” and 40” on a double Colorado slow roll. 
Jumpers again - 37 grabbed air three times and 38 twice then tried to jump out of the net.  40 just kept digging deep.
Mr. Rick O.
Mr. Larry O.
Lure: 1 oz. Spinnerbait