I would like to get three, one-ounce Double Willow Spinner baits. One in color #02, one in color #10, and one in color #20. I would also like three extra all white grubs. Let me know when you have a chance as well as the price. I am 69 years old and have been fishing for pike since I was 8. Unfortunately the largest pike I ever caught was 38". Last year in Canada I was using some lures the guide had that was not producing much. I had one of your Grim Reaper all white spinner baits that I had bought somewhere and decided to try it. On the very first cast I caught a 42"- 22 pound pike. The lure got damaged in the battle, so I am looking to get some new ones. Mike C."

Mr. Mike Corteen
42 Inch, 22 Pound Pike
Lure: Hot One 1 Ounce Double Willow



"Thanks, Kevin. This fish came on a bait you made up for me this spring. It’s great to just call and make up the bait combination I need. Thanks again, Don."

Mr. Don Freza
6 Pound Large Mouth Bass
Lure: Hot One 1.0 Ounce Tandem Special

"I ordered some lures from Grim Reaper Lures on Wednesday and today is Friday and I just received my lures today. Great service, and the lures all were perfect, just how I wanted them. Thanks Kevin for my order. Highly recommended service."  Lou Friedman