Pro-Staff Team

 Meet Grim Reaper Lures Awesome Pro Staff Team!


Keith Yaddaw



Besides being an avid fisherman, Keith Yaddaw is our lead Pro Staff and Vice President of Marketing. Keith has fished multispecies from coast to coast including Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, British Columbia, Alaska, and Spain. His passion is hunting trophy Northern Pike and Musky to which he has been fishing the St. Lawrence River in the Thousand Island region for almost 5 decades and boated his personal best musky at 54 inches. He has competed with fellow Pro Staffer Louis Kornegay in the Professional Musky Tournament Trail. Keith has been fishing and guiding friends and family on the St. Lawrence using Grim Reaper spinner baits for about 20 years with huge success. Keith continues to help develop and field test new lines of spinnerbaits for Grim Reaper. 

Rich Dunmeyer




Louis Kornegay




 Dave Nolan



Dave Nolan brings with him a passion for trophy Northern Pike and Largemouth bass.

He has fished multispecies throughout North America including Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Arkansas, Alabama and all across Canada from British Columbia to Nova Scotia.

Dave’s passion for fishing started at a very young age while spending summers in Northern Wisconsin at his family’s cottage. Dave grew up a stone’s throw away from the Fox River and Green Bayhe has been hunting and fishing those waters for over 4 decades.

His go to Grim Reaper lure is the spinnerbait in Shad color, he has had great success with the ½ oz double willow and tandem blade combinations.

Dave continues to help develop and support the sales and marketing initiatives for Grim Reaper.

Bobby Kish




 Bobby Kish has been fishing as a multi-species angler my entire life, fishing across the United States  in the pursuit of large fish. After accidentally catching my first musky at 13 years old they became my passion.  Anymore, muskies consume me and I’ve been chasing them and using Grim Reaper products for 12 years and there’s no fish I’d rather target!  The adrenal rush of watching the apex predator eat boat-side is unparalleled. 

Headquartered in west central PA fishing muskies across PA, NY and OH.  Also, owner of Fish with Kish, LLC. as a trophy trout guide and fly tier, hoping to eventually take my talents to market in the musky community! #FishWithKish #KishAndRelease