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Pro-Staff Team

 Meet Grim Reaper Lures Awesome Pro Staff Team!


Keith Yaddaw



Besides being an avid fisherman, Keith Yaddaw is our lead Pro Staff and Vice President of Marketing. Keith has fished multispecies from coast to coast including Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, British Columbia, Alaska, and Spain. His passion is hunting trophy Northern Pike and Musky to which he has been fishing the St. Lawrence River in the Thousand Island region for almost 5 decades and boated his personal best musky at 54 inches. He has competed with fellow Pro Staffer Louis Kornegay in the Professional Musky Tournament Trail. Keith has been fishing and guiding friends and family on the St. Lawrence using Grim Reaper spinner baits for about 20 years with huge success. Keith continues to help develop and field test new lines of spinnerbaits for Grim Reaper. 

Rich Dunmeyer




Louis Kornegay




 Dave Nolan



Dave Nolan brings with him a passion for trophy Northern Pike and Largemouth bass.

He has fished multispecies throughout North America including Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Arkansas, Alabama and all across Canada from British Columbia to Nova Scotia.

Dave’s passion for fishing started at a very young age while spending summers in Northern Wisconsin at his family’s cottage. Dave grew up a stone’s throw away from the Fox River and Green Bayhe has been hunting and fishing those waters for over 4 decades.

His go to Grim Reaper lure is the spinnerbait in Shad color, he has had great success with the ½ oz double willow and tandem blade combinations.

Dave continues to help develop and support the sales and marketing initiatives for Grim Reaper.

Bobby Kish




 Bobby Kish has been fishing as a multi-species angler his entire life, fishing across the United States in the pursuit of large fish. After accidentally catching my first musky at 13 years old they became my passion.  Anymore, muskies consume me and I’ve been chasing them and using Grim Reaper products for 12 years and there’s no fish I’d rather target!  The adrenal rush of watching the apex predator eat boat-side is unparalleled. 

Headquartered in west central PA fishing muskies across PA, NY and OH.  Also, owner of Fish with Kish, LLC. as a Trophy Trout Guide and Fly Tier, hoping to eventually take my talents to market in the musky community! #FishWithKish #KishAndRelease

Doug Pavick


47 Inches



41 Inches



Angling became my lifelong passion when I was introduced to this highly addictive sport at a very young age.  Fishing for trout, bass, pickerel, and northern pike in western Pennsylvania as a child inspired me throughout my teenage years. I had a fascination for chasing top-of-the-line predator species.  Muskies being at the top of the food chain always piqued my interest. Throughout my young adult years, my skills were challenged. After a three-year drought of determination and dedication, paying my dues, and making well over 10,000 casts to catch this elusive fish… my boat was finally rocked!  A muskellunge of 50” weighing 35 pounds was boated in 1995.  All I wanted was to catch my 1st PA musky, but it ended up being a “Fish of A Lifetime”. The rest is history. My obsession with this sport has consumed my life to the point that I eat, sleep, and breathe musky hunting. You could say I’m a “Sucker for Muskies”.


To date, I have been blessed with boating ten muskies topping the 50” mark from Pennsylvania waters. Each fish was recorded through the 50”+ Husky Musky Club, a division of the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission Angler Recognition Program respectively (three of these ‘skies” were the largest fish caught in the state of PA for a given year).


I am currently developing and water-testing my own handmade glide baits over the past few years. The outcome has been very rewarding.  To catch a musky is an accomplishment. To entice and catch a musky on a lure you hand-crafted is a very gratifying experience.


Over the past two decades upon using the complete feline series of Grim Reaper Lures Spinnerbait products, starting with 1 oz head weight and heavier versions, has awarded me countless numbers of muskies; some mammoth ones too. And everything else that swims for that matter.  In fact, they are chosen from my top ten all-time lure selection of high-confidence baits when attached to the business end of my rod. I am looking forward to getting bit casting the new 2 oz. “BOBCAT” series spinnerbait, and also new to the lineup, promo model 1 ½ oz. “SABERCAT” spinnerbait that I will be water testing. These big profile baits have trophy fish written all over them.


Unlike other spinnerbaits, Grim Reaper Lures features a thinner skeletal backbone wire frame design for maximum vibration, a key ingredient that calls in fish from great distances, felt by an apex predator’s lateral line throughout the water column.  Each unique bait is made with high-quality top-of-the-line components.


I think of fishing lures as tools. Not just any lure will work in every situation or weather condition.  A spinnerbait with the correct head weight will get the job done and no matter what depth or type of structure you are fishing in the water column; shallow, deep, or anywhere in between.  If I had to pick only one lure to “fish on”… it would be without a doubt a spinnerbait. Whether you ae churnin and burnin through or over the weed tops during the warm water period or going low and slow grinding them out under tough post frontal conditions, trolling or fishing the cold water period in any water clarity; the Grim Reaper Lures design will cut through the water like a little slice of heaven producing more strikes throughout the year under ALL fishing conditions.


You might have tried the rest, but if you want to get “Dead Serious” about catching more fish, choose wisely and fish the best. Tie on a legendary Grim Reaper Lures the name that catches fish knot fisherman!


Practice (CPR) catch–photo–release to help conserve our fisheries. Please remember to always ensure proper fundamental handling techniques with these (God’s) precious creatures. The future of our angling sport is in your two hands.


Good luck – “keep a tight line”!